Welcome to Meet Forex Traders . com

This is a FREE Expert4x website to encourage and enable Forex traders to interact with other Forex Traders. This specialised website attempts to be the Facebook of Forex Traders where you can control the level of interaction you are comfortable with. You do not need to use all the facilities but like Facebook it has a Wall, Your Profile, Notifications, Messages, Friends, Groups, Forums and you can upload your trading charts and photos etc. By using this site you will hopefully meet ALL your Forex Trader interaction needs.

Here you will be able to meet with other traders through the website Forum or by visiting their membership pages and responding to their posts. You will also be able to communicate with them using private messaging. You can also join specific Forex groups who meet locally in locations all over the world or who meet in online meetings or webinars. The idea is to share ideas and experiences openly on a group or a one on one basis, via the forum or in the specialised Groups. You might find a local or online trading partner or trading group here – If you can’t request one.

This is YOUR website – Make sure you get out of it what you want to. Contribute, participate and interact. If you know of any Forex trading or technical analysis groups that meet in your area local area please bring this to everybody’s attention by posting the details on your wall or in the Forum or by creating a group. Each Group has a forum so start by registering and then joining a Group or using the forum. To Join an event – register a member of this website and then join the Group of the country the event is going to be held in for more information which will be mentioned in the Forum of that Group.

Start by JOINING and telling other traders a bit about yourself