Arrange Your Own Online Meetings

It is possible to arrange your own online meetings with other Forex Traders using GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar.

Simply request a meeting by using the comments section below. Detail the date, time and topic of your meeting.

At the time of your meeting requesting your online webinar you must have at least 2 other attendees that will attend.

Your request must be 72 hours before the meeting.

A gotomeeting will be setup for you and you will be organiser of the meeting. You will be responsible for the running of the meeting. The meeting will be activated 15 minutes before the time so that you can join the meeting as the organiser and lead the meeting from there onwards.

For tips and guidance on running meetings visit to view their training material.

Alternatively gotowebinar has a free 30 day trial – open your own trial account – this will enable you to arrange your own webinars or online meetings.

To send invitations to all members simply compose a message to all members advertising your meeting.

If your meeting will have wider interest you can also request to advertise it to their clients.




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