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      Please click on the meeting link (heading) for instructions to get more information. The instruction is normally to join the group of the country in which the meeting is held. The information is contained in the Forum of that group. When a physical address is give (like Sydney) it is normally safe to assume that it is not an online meeting and that the time is local time of the city where the meeting will be held.

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    Thank you Alex for the quick reply.

    As I can see if I click on the link it brings me to this page…I think I am doing something wrong as 270 other members cant be wrong…I am unable to see information about Sydney meeting. Well can I get details of meeting like venue as I assume this is going to be physical meeting on Monday 17th February 19:30 Sydney time…I dont want to miss it..


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      As stated on the front page

      Each Group has a forum so start by registering and then joining a Group or using the forum. To Join an event – register as member of this website and then join the Group of the country the event is going to be held in for more information which will be mentioned in the Forum of that Group.

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